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FLOY KROUCHI aka drfloy

Sound Art Bass Electronics Composition

Floy Krouchi is a sound artist, performer and composer.

She has been showing her work and performing for the last 20 years in Europe and eastern Europe, India and China, Middle East , and United States. Her pieces, solo or in collaboration, has been shown at Louvre Abu Dhabi, Nuit Blanche, Palais de Tokyo, Centre Georges Pompidou, Documenta 13 , Kassel ( in collaboration with"Between the Waves"by Tejal Shah), Dancem, GRM, IRCAM, Contemporary Art museum of Valencia and San Sebastian, Circulo de Bellas artes in Madrid, LEM Barcelona, Miami , New York, New Orleans...

She plays an augmented bass and electronic solo, and composes for radio, dance and installation.
Based on the recording and archiving of real sounds and their transformation, Floy Krouchi 's compositions rely on multiphony and create augmented spaces where the listening process is central and the sensation meaningful. She considers sound as a practice which drives the ability to listen towards invisible and sensory dimensions, an enlargement of the listening ability, a “metaphysics of ordinary ears”.