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Bass Holograms

Fretless Bass and electronics solo

The Bass Holograms series is a coproduction by Cesare. Première at festival Elektricity de Reims in september 2012. In 2014, Floy Krouchi creates for GRM "Bass Holograms #105"

diffusions: Festival Elektricity (Reims), Multiphonies GRM(Paris), Le Phénix (Valenciennes), Lieu Multiple (Poitiers), Festival Nuit d’Hiver (Marseille) , Tigermen Den (New Orleans ), Spectrum NYC (New York) , Panoply Lab (Brooklyn), Firehouse Space (Brooklyn), Festival LEM (Barcelone), Resonances Electriques (Strasbourg), Festival bruits Blancs (Alfortville), Matadero (Madrid) Hangar (Barcelona) , Festival Signal (Cagliari)

Inspired by Indian music and its most ancient instrument, the Rudra Veena, Floy Krouchi has developed an augmented bass which uses electronics and real-time transformation. Within stripped down bass frequencies and the slowness of oscillations a relationship to silence is mapped out, one that takes us to the very edge of sound, “inside time”.

Rhythm, mass, fabric - from noise based pulsation to amplified silence - each solo is a unique piece, recorded at a precise moment in time, numbered and dated like a painting or an artifact.

Bass Holograms is a research project constantly evolving through its different versions. It questions the development of low frequencies as well as the capacity for the composer to recreate through electronics inaudible or non-existing sounds - hence the idea of sound Holograms.

Indeed, the extended version of Bass Holograms stretches the instrument out to an octophony, using spatialisation achieved though digital lute-making, interpreted live by Vivien Trelcat . The bass becomes an instrument played by four hands and 8 speakers.

Moreover, there is another version which is still in a research phase. This project named "Bass Holograms Interactive" sets the audience to be actor in the performance. The interaction of the public presence detected via kinect sensors sets in motion different filters and parameters which will change the sound you hear, hence influence on the composition been played on the other end. The main question for this research is: how to achieve the creation of a self generated piece in realtime while the audience contributes to its writings.

Read/ download detailed Bass Holograms presentation

Bass Holograms by Floy krouchi, Bass electronics raga noise style, festival Electricity, Reims, fr, septembre 2012