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MAFUCAGE 1994-2003


Mafucage, a collective of Paris-based female musicians has grouped around this legend of Mafu being caged up, frenetically scrambling the rigid boundaries and yokes between electro, acoustic electronics, dub, breakbeat, techno and experimental music. Followed a series of performances punctuating a Paris-Berlin-Moscow-Beijing train trip which was leading them to the Fourth International Conference of Women, and many performances in Europe, at festivals, squats, and free parties...

drfloy (bass Machine), Krysto (drum Machine), Mxr Koz'n (noisy fx guitar)

9 years of intense sounds, actions, tours and experimentations, Mafucage isn't active any more. Its latest tour "Avant-garde Female" took place in June 2003,starting in Eastern Europe : from Poland to Prague, Dresden ... and finally ending at "The Hangar" in Barcelona, stopping in Marseilles where Mafu celebrated its 9 years of electro acoustic existence.
The web site www.mafucage.org is a site of archives which,shortly revised,will present the initiatory tour of the Mafu and of its cosmedelic waves under all its forms,sounds,texts,images and concepts.
You can find our records , the double CD "Forte Tete" ( "Strong Head") and our vynils "O Barbarians/ Dreams of the lion /FullPower/ Hostage in Babylon" at TOOLBOX (www.toolboxrecords.com)