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Augmented Bass with integrated technology

Since 2012, Floy Krouchi has been working on a bass augmented by electronics with her project Bass Holograms, for which she composed several concert pieces (commissioned by GRM, Maison de la radio, LEM, Signal, Spazio Musicale) and done more than 30 concerts in France in Europe and the United States.
This augmented bass project is the result of a practice and a reflection on new lutheries: hybrid lutheries marrying physical instruments and electronic extensions, which raise new paradigms for writing and composition, lutheries which renew instrumental gesture and precipitate new modes of playing. These new lutheries are undeniably one of the major challenges of contemporary musical creation.

That is why, starting in 2017, the central axis of research on the augmented bass focus on the integration of sensors and controllers to the instrument itself. Thus, with the FKBass, the musician and composer approaches the question of the control of sound, light or scenography by gesture by developing a unique instrument.

The FKbass has close to fifty integrated sensors in three different modules (Bass, Head and Lighthouse, its control module) and a complete matrix of ten fully modular digital transformation units for the FKB software.

Production Soluble dans l’Air Coproduction Cesare Reims-CNCM
Avec le soutien du FSIR (2017), Arcadi ile-de-France
The Team :
Conception, Composition : Floy Krouchi De?veloppement Hardware : Maxime Lance (Cesare-CNCM) De?veloppement Software et Re?alisation en informatique musicale : Vivien Trelcat Lutherie : Thibault Lecherf