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2013, Atelier de Creation Radiophonique / France Culture

An electronic poem by Floy Krouchi
Production Nathalie Battus
From a poem by the Tunisian poetess Maha Ben Abdeladhim

With excerpts from “ Words of patience and departure” by Selma Zghidi (Tunisia) and from “ Fair Free Jazz” by Ritta Baddoura ( Lebanon)

Podcast "Curfew 56" Electronic poem, listen France Culture , 2013 

Listen with headphones to the binaural version of Curfew 56 for a spatialization effect, done in residency @ GRM, Paris

In this Hoerspiel , Floy Krouchi has been working with sounds captured on the theatre of operations in the Middle East since 2001, mixing poetry, testimonies, reports by Amnesty International and archives documents. The framework takes roots on three voices under curfew: Arab, Hebrew, French, putting into question the notions of identity, frontiers and territory in a warfare context. With the participation of Kamilya Jubran (oud, voice / Palestine) and of Meira Asher (voice, electronics / Israel) .
The piece questions the possibilities of a “sound catharsis” of a transformed, decomposed and recomposed reality.
Curfew won the 9thLuc Ferrari International Prize of Radio Art of the Muse en Circuit in 2010. For French Culture ACR, Floy Krouchi re-wrote the piece in a longer version “ Curfews 56”, which integrates elements from a live performance captured at Césaré, CNCM, Reims. the piece won the price PHONURGIA NOVA 2013

With :
Kamilya Jubran , Meira Asher , Alexandrine Kirmser, Dalila Tehami,
Ahmad Yahyazadeh (daf), Kais Bakri (flute), Najah Brigui, Maha Ben Abdeladhim, Selma Zghidi and Dan Farncomb

Sound Documents Ramallah 2003 : Guylaine Tran Trung for Saralucid