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2011 - La muse en Circuit - (9th international radiophonic art prize Luc Ferrari)

Klangkunst-Deutschland Kultur Radio-Germany/ Atelier de création Radiophonique- France Culture/ Musiques d'Avenir-RSR / Switzerland / Hoerspiel-Radio Grenouille, Marseille / Radio Campus Bruxelles /Jet FM Nantes.

Acousmatic diffusions : Festival Archipel 2011 Genève / Maison de la poésie Paris / Babel Ouie Conservatoire G.Bizet Paris XX

In this Hörspiel, Floy Krouchi has been working with sounds recorded in the theater of operations in the Middle East and in Europe since 2001 by mixing texts, testimonials, and archivals documents. This framework uses three voices, Arab, French, and Hebrew and questions the idea of identity, borders, and territory in a context war. This piece tests the possibilities of “sound catharsis” of the real which is decomposed, transformed, sublimated.”

With the participation of Kamilya Jubran (oud and voice, Palestine, in France since 2003), Meira Asher ( Electronic and Voice, Israël, Hollande),  Saralucid (sound archives),  Alexandrine Kirmser and Floy Krouchi (voices). Texts from the tunisian poets Maha Ben Abdeladhim and Selma Zghidi.