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Copyright Floy Krouchi 2019

"HIJRAS DIARIES" -Transgender diary of a Hijra Family

Atelier de Creation Radiophonique , France Culture, 2010

Prix Italia 2011 Broadcast : ACR -France Culture 2010/ festival les Yeux du Monde 2010/ festival Nuit Bleue 2010/ festival Why Note 2011/ rediffusion France Culture 1er novembre 2011/ Radio Campus Bruxelles

This radiophonic piece is the result of a poetic encounter between Floy krouchi and members of the Hijra community in India, the transexual sacred community of India.
It is a Sonic object in form of a kaleidoscope, which explores the frontiers between documentary, essay, and hoerspiel: Real life with the Hijras, celebrations, rituals, myths, daily life, struggles, activism; Interviews, testimonies, open mics and poetry.
All the texts performed in "Hijras Diaries" have been generated through writing workshop Floy Krouchi organised in Bangalore, South India, with a group of 5 to 9 particpants from the Hijra community.
The encounters and the work process have been going on for a period of 5 years.

with the participation : Famila, Sneha, Kajol, Anand, Revathi, Sanjana, Sowmya, Suma et Meghana
in Paris, France:
Brune Marie, Jeanne de France, Hélène, Lalla Kowska-Régnier, Stéphanie Andres et Patrice Cazelles
Original Music Floy Krouchi
Vikram Singh (flûte), Fayaz Khan (sarangi) and Sumathi (voice)