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"There are strangers running in my veins"- a genealogical attempt

Atelier de Creation Radiophonique , France Culture, 2013

A radio essay by Floy Krouchi

Production : Nathalie Battus

"Strangers are running in my veins" questions the fragile frontier between autobiography and fiction, and creates a space where each voice re-composes a genealogy. Identity is in search of itself, lost and found again, deconstructed.

" Unlimited inventions of the self follow one another and remember each other, in a world at the same time collapsing and renewed. A multitude of itineraries united, separated...

Podcast "listen/podcast" There are strangers running in my veins, France Culture, 2013

"Who is that, here, is that me?"
«If you believe I know who I am ..."
«I might have found it rich and generous, this blood which was running in my veins..."
"Who was my father then, and Fanny and Leonardo my grand-parents, and before them, and before them..."? «It’s me, the first stranger, I am different from what I am, I am not appropriate, And it is starting from this stranger that we are going to conceive the strangers who are flowing within my veins."
«My father came when he was sixteen, from Tizi Ouzou... He had first stopped in Algiers, he had done plenty of odd jobs, it was a question of survival." I am Fatima, Fatima Negrous, I am the great-grandmother, and my heart is itching for you, my sons."
«Who knows what there is between the stars, the chromosomes of time?
"In Tunis the bad girls listened to Habiba Msika, but me, they married me to Nessim "

The piece explores the mirror images between personal and collective history between the universe, the individual and the cell.

With Jacqueline and Jacques Krouchi, Jean Pierre Krouchi, Mickette and Mohammed Krouchi, Georgette Zaffarano and their strangers, the Bocobza, Krouchi, La Rosa, Louzoun, Millet, Zaffarano families and before them, and before them… 
With the voices of  :
Maha Ben Abdeladhim, Myriam Ben Arie, Novella Bonelli Bassano, Alexandrine Kirmser,  Nicolas Losson, Pascale Ourbih, Nicolo Terrasi, Fahima and Samia Zaidi, Selma Zghidi .
Texts by Maha Ben Abdeladhim, Nathalie Battus, Floy Krouchi and Jacqueline Krouchi
With the participation of Guillaume du Boisbaudry, Marc Silberstein and the voices of Jacques Derrida and Adonis
Prepared piano: Françoise Sergent
Original music : Floy Krouchi
Special thanks to all participants ( contributors) and to Jean-Pierre Krouchi for the family archives.