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SONIC TOTEM is a project exploring decontructing genealogies and identity through a 360 degree sound sculpture, triggering random sound banks and filters.

Its main axis is an interactive loudspeaker controlled by distance sensors. Sculpting sounds, it recalls the figure of a traditional totem , this ritual magic object linking to the world of ancestors and invisible forces : it operates as a contemporary "digital totem" . Starting from a collection of sound recordings, photos founds in family archives, scientific and cosmogonic documentation, collected in the real world or in the virtual one, and played on an endless loop it connects, dispatches and plays out new fragmental identities, through an interactive and generative writing, creating new hybrid identities, lines of inquiry for a "meta-genealogy" .

Concept and composition: Floy Krouchi
Software development: Gabriel Lecup
Hardware development: Miguel Angel de Herrera (Hangar Laboratorio Interacción)
Production: Hangar residency programm | Art 2M | France Culture |

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