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Fukushima Radiographie

2017, Atelier de Creation Radiophonique / France Culture

A radiophonic essay by Floy Krouchi, Hélène Lucien and Marc Pallain

How to make visible the invisible radioactivity? Hélène Lucien et Marc Pallain went on the field, in the exclusion zone around Fukushima nuclear plant . They entrusted the sonic composition of this experience to the sound artist Floy Krouchi.

To reveal the imprint of radioactivity and crystallise a concrete, undeniable proof of the invisible, Héléne Lucien (a plastic artist) and Marc Pallain (a photographer) placed , in 2012 , just one year after the catastrophe, and in 2016 , some analog blank medical radiographic films in the exclusion zone around Fukushima nuclear plant.
They subjected them to ionising radiation during variable periods ( 3 to 37 days) and different levels of radiation (between 3.8 microSievert/h and 40 microSievert/h).
The result is a series of images called " Chronoradiograms", real internal landscapes ( inner visions) resting on photography as a revelator of the index of radioactivity.

In “Fukushima Radiography”, the sound creation was composed by Floy Krouchi from the sounds collected by Hélène Lucien and Marc Pallain in Fukushima with , as a central element , stretched ,unrecognizable and essential: the dosimeter . She also questions the two artists about their work in the Fukushima exclusion zone, and their physical sensations while being exposed to high rates of radiation . It implies the question of subjectivity, of the risk ,of the commitment and the involvement of the body in the contaminated zone.

Simultaneously, the poetic and visionary writing of the poet Jotaro Wakamatsu recreates images through a series of premonitory poems recited in French and Japanese by Gyohel Zaitsu. These poems deal with the ineluctable coming catastrophe on the Fukushima zone, echoing that of Tchernobyl which had deeply impressed the poet following his stay in1987.

with excerpts from « Hitono Akashi » : Jotaro Wakamatsu
translated from english by Jacques and Jacqueline Krouchi
with : Gyohei Zaitsu, Jotaro Wakamatsu, Michael Ferrier, Madame Takahashi
additional text Hélène Lucien and Marc Pallain
Original composition Floy Krouchi